Using A Proxy With GTrends SE

To configure GTrends SE to use a proxy, open the Settings window by clicking the “Settings” button from the toolbar (it’s the next-to-last button). Then locate the “Proxy Settings” section.

GTrends SE Proxy Settings

Check Use a proxy and enter the proxy’s address in the Proxy box. The address should be in the form IP:PORT. “IP” is the unique numerical address of a server. If the address you usually use is a domain name, you can find the IP using this free tool.

The Username and Password boxes are just that. Leave them empty if your proxy doesn’t require a username/password.

Proxy settings take effect starting with the next keyword that is checked (yes, this means that if you set a proxy when GTrends SE is already processing a list of keywords, it will switch to using the proxy even if it’s only halfway through the list).

3 thoughts on “Using A Proxy With GTrends SE

  1. How can I be sure that the Gtrends is working through a proxy? Absolutely no sign occurs when I enter the proxy server, enter the wrong server, choose proxy check box but don’t enter an IP, enter or don’t enter username/password.

    How can I tell?

  2. The Firefox extension will not work i have purchased Gtrends SE Please advise.


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