GTrends Update : Two New Features

New version is out, get it here!

I implemented two new features that were suggested by users –

Launch new instance
Now you can open more than one GTrends SE window. You can do this using the aptly named “Launch new instance” Start Menu shortcut. Note that as a tradeoff windows opened in this manner will not be able receive keywords from the Keyword Grabber extension.

Here’s a bit of info for the technically inclined – the new shortcut launches gtrends.exe with a /new_instance parameter. GTrends SE also supports another parameter – /add_clipboard – that will cause the tool to attempt to get keywords from the clipboard.

Searches vs Competition ratio display
GTrends SE can calculate and display this ratio in a new column on the main screen. You can enable this feature by checking the “Display ratio” box in the Settings dialog.

The ratio is calculated as Ratio = (Searches ^ 2) / Competition, which is consistent with the original definition of Keyword Effectiveness Index.

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