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The Wordtracker Keyword Grabber is a Firefox extension that adds a new entry to the Tools menu and a toolbar button (optionally) that allow you to quickly copy the keywords from the Wordtracker’s free keyword suggestion tool and pass them to GTrends SE. You can use this extension even if you haven’t installed GTrends SE – in this case the keywords will simply be copied to the clipboard. This Firefox extension is freeware.

Update : Now you can copy keywords (and their search volume) from the AdWords keyword tool, too! The addon is also compatible with Firefox 3 and (probably) Flock.

Install Wordtracker Keyword Grabber!

Detailed Installation & Usage Guide

Requirements : You need Firefox 2.0 or better to use this extension.

To install the extension, click the “Install…” link above. Depending on your security settings, Firefox may display a warning like this –

Firefox Warning

Click “Edit Options”. In the next window, check that the address box says “” and click “Allow”, then “Close”.

Firefox Whitelist

Now click the “Install…” link (top of this page) again. A extension installation window should appear. Hit “Install” and wait for the installation process to complete. You will need to restart Firefox to complete the installation.

The extension is now installed and you can use it by going to Tools -> Grab Wordtracker keywords.

To grab the keywords with a single click, configure Firefox to display the toolbar button. Right click anywhere on the toolbar and choose Customize from the popup menu that appears.

Customize menu

In the “Customize Toolbar” dialog window find the GTrends SE button – it looks like a big blue “G” – and drag it to the toolbar. You can place it anywhere you like.

Customize window

Now you have the “Grab Wordtracker Keywords” button on your toolbar.

Using the Keyword Grabber

  1. Go to Wordtracker free keyword suggestion tool.
  2. Enter a keyword you’re interested in, like speed reading, sausages, etc. Click the “Hit Me” button (or press Enter).
  3. When Wordtracker displays a list of related keywords, click the “Grab Keywords” toolbar button (or the appropriate Tools menu entry) to copy the keywords to the clipboard.

If you have GTrends SE installed, clicking the button will automatically launch it and pass the keywords to the tool. GTrends SE will then automatically start analyzing the keywords to find potentially profitable niches. If GTrends SE is already running, the keywords will be appended to the current keyword list. GTrends SE automatically ignores duplicate keywords so you don’t have to worry about that.

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