GTrends SE

The GTrends SE software is no longer available.

Keyword research for the lazy… because you can!

GTrends - The Second EditionAugust 2009 – that was the month of the Thirty Day Challenge, the “biggest Internet marketing event to date”. It got me a bit excited then, because it was quite unlike anything I had seen before in the IM world. I’m Janis Elsts, and I’ve seen a lot of online marketing resources, e-books and tools. Most of them are crap – but you already knew that, didn’t you?

TDC was different – it was free (and the archives are still available free of charge), the information and techniques were actually useful and it wasn’t a thinly veiled attempt to sell something. The goal was to help ordinary people to make their first ten dollars online. While it wouldn’t be the “first” $10 for me, it still seemed like an interesting thing to try.

Anyway, one of the methods introduced was the “GTrends” technique.

Why is the GTrends technique so great?
Typically nobody (outside of Google) knows how many searches a specific keyword gets. All the usual keyword research tools are just estimating based on indirect observations, like data from other search engines. Those estimates are often wildly inaccurate. The GTrends technique uses data that Google itself has made available, so it has much better accuracy.

The only problem is…
…you have to analyze every single keyword manually, and you might need to check hundreds of keywords to find something worthwhile. Initially you needed to check the number of competing pages, analyze the keyword on Google Trends, place a ruler on your screen (I’m not kidding) to calculate the number of visitors per day and do a number of other things. The online tool from Wordtracker helped automate some of these tasks, but you still need to investigate every keyword separately. This is a mechanical and uninteresting task; it’s also rather slow.

There is a solution!
When I first learned about the GTrends technique, I didn’t understand the implications yet. Only after wasting a few hours to come up with a couple of barely usable niche keywords did I understand – this task should be automated. So I wrote a program, or – more accurately – two programs. Now my market research process is a lot faster and simpler. It goes somewhat like this :

  1. Get an idea.
  2. Go to Wordtracker’s GTrends tool and type in a phrase that describes the idea, e.g. ‘”speed reading”. Hit Enter.
  3. Click one button to start analyzing all the keywords Wordtracker returned.
  4. Continue exploring new ideas while the keywords are researched in the background.
  5. When done with that, switch from the browser to the keyword research software and – see below …

So what is my program good for? Here are some of the things you can easily do with this software :

  • Instantly know which keywords are potentially profitable (they’re highlighted for your visual enjoyment);
  • Sort the keyword list any way you like;
  • Export the list to Excel (or any other spreadsheet that can read CSV files or tab-separated lists);
  • Do in-depth research on interesting keywords;
  • Add new keywords to analyze on-the-fly (+ copy & paste work!).
  • Get more information – GTrends SE can show you searches per day, competition, KEI and more – for each keyword.
  • Be in control. GTrends SE is fully user-configurable – from “good” keyword criteria and up to nifty tweaks like the number of execution threads (if this made you go “Huh?”, don’t worry – the software comes carefully pre-configured and will work “out-of-the-box”).

And here are some of the things you don’t need to do to use it :

  • No license keys, serial numbers or “phoning home” to worry about;
  • No need to sign up for a newsletter, opt-in to something or give away your e-mail address;
  • No need to expose your niches – the program goes straight to Google to do the research, so I couldn’t “steal” your idea even if I wanted to;
  • No need to give up control – you can add, remove, export or otherwise manipulate keywords at any time; you can pause/resume the analysis at any time and see the current progress at a glance; you can save the keyword list and load it up again later – the software will continue processing from the point it left off;
  • No need to worry about whether this tool is right for you – try the software risk-free for 8 weeks and, if you’re not completely satisfied with it, just let me know for a full refund! I offer a 8 week money-back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose if you choose to try this tool;

So what, exactly, is this GTrends SE tool?
It’s two things – a Windows application that does keyword research using the GTrends technique and a Firefox extension (optional) that can grab the keywords from a Wordtracker page and pass them to the Windows program. You can also add keywords manually, so you don’t have to install the extension if you don’t want to. The software comes with an automatic installer and you will be presented with a download link right after you’ve completed the purchase. Downloading and setting it up usually takes no more than 10 minutes.

What’s it gonna cost?
Inspired by the Thirty Day Challenge, I’ve tried to make this tool accessible to both beginners and professionals… and this includes choosing a low price that almost anyone could afford (even though some of my customers have said they’d gladly pay three times what it costs now). So, despite the fact that some keyword research tools cost upwards of $100, you can now get GTrends SE for only .

That’s right, for a one-time charge of you’ll get this great tool… and free updates forever. So click the big shiny button now! 🙂

P.S. I’m not affiliated with the Thirty Day Challenge, Ed Dale, Dan Raine or any of the nice folk involved in TDC.